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SKIP Overview

SKIP is a treatment research program devoted to promoting the integration of mental health services in primary-care and related healthcare settings. SKIP's focus is on pediatric and family medicine. Our procedure includes introducing a specially-trained nurse or clinician to work alongside physicians and staff in their native practice settings. As part of the SKIP program, the clinician then provides appropriate treatment or referral for children and parents.

SKIP was originally supported by grants from the NIMH to conduct controlled treatment trials from 2000 through 2012. The overall goal of these three studies was to carefully develop, deliver, and evaluate interventions that involve collaboration with primary care and health care providers. These SKIP collaborations are directed towards effectively treating an array of child and adolescent mental health problems, including additional family problems that often accompany them. A brief summary of the methods and results of these three studies is found here.

In 2011, SKIP expanded its activities to include the dissemination of its programs and products to routine healthcare settings through program development, professional training, case consultation, and technical or research assistance services. SKIP's clinical focus includes common mental health problems, including ADHD as well as behavior, mood, and anxiety disorders. Much of our current work emphasizes a “collaborative care model,” which is commonly used to provide holistic services designed to address challenging or chronic health and mental health problems. The collaborative care model reflects a healthcare delivery system that focuses on the integration of mental and behavioral health services as utilized by professionals in primary-care settings. In collaborative care, a close, cooperative relationship exists between the mental health professional and primary care staff (physicians, nurses, etc.) with the goal of treating the “whole” person and the “whole” family.

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