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Online Care Management Materials for Caregivers

We will soon have an online supplement to the primary clinical guidelines found in our Doctor Office Collaborative Care (DOCC) protocol. This supplement will help parents who have minimal contact with on-site care or who would benefit from additional self-management guidelines.

Further Evidence in Support of the Integration of Behavioral Health Services in Pediatric Primary Care

The first meta-analysis on this topic has just been published by our colleagues Joan Asarnow, Michelle Rozenman, Jessica Wiblin, and Lonnie Zelzer (2015) in the August 2015 issue of JAMA Pediatrics. The issue includes an invited editorial by David Kolko in response to the publication of this important empirical review.

The Status of Integrated Pediatric Behavioral Health Services in Pennsylvania: A Provider Survey

The SKIP team is completing a report from a survey of pediatric providers in Pennsylvania (clinicians and physicians), funded by the Health Policy Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. The report will document ratings in several domains related to the delivery of integrated care: services or functions, benefits, barriers, training interests/needs, and next steps.

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